Causes of Startup Failure

Solve a nonexistent or irrelevant problem 42%
Run out of money 29%
Not having the right team 23%
Not having a viable business model 17%
Price / Cost Issues 17%
We are looking for people like you

At Capptains we constantly seek talent. Our business model based on the creation of Apps needs business and technical profiles whenever it is conceptualized and launches a new project to the market.

This business model, coupled with our philosophy of total prioritization of the human component, makes us generate a constant demand for professionals interested in the digital world and startup.

If you consider yourself a person who likes the challenges, you have ambition to grow and train in the entrepreneurial world, we encourage you to join the team of Capptains, a startups mobile company with international impact.

Key Profiles We Are Looking For


Ambitious professionals capable of supervising and controlling all the strategic and commercial aspects of the startup.


Specialists in organic & paid traffic. Facebook Ads, AdWords, ASO, SEO, Growth Hacking, Viral Loops, Affiliate Marketing.


Profiles capable of managing teams and technological developments in all aspects and with the ability to be hands on. Must have enough mobile experience.

Key characteristics of entrepreneurs we are looking for

Objective Minded

We are looking for people with knowledge and experience in digital business, who work based on the fulfillment of specific objectives and who are not afraid of the challenges.

Innovators / Nonconformists

We identify people who think differently and who, in turn, are willing to express themselves without fear of saying what others may consider wrong.


Preferably we look for people with notions of programming. The combination of knowledge of Information Technology and online marketing, together with a broad vision of business and leadership skills are the main features of our ideal profile.

Are you the leader we are looking for?

We are constantly looking for talent to launch successful businesses. Send your CV (we prefer webs / profiles to pdfs) to enter our Talent Pool.

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