What is Capptains?

Capptains is a Mobile First Startup Factory (AKA Mobile Apps Venture Builder). To achieve our objectives, the company identifies and analyzes trends and consumption needs in key markets, develops minimum viable products (MVPs), generates initial traction, and if all the indicators are positive, looks for an entrepreneurial team that can manage growth and perform a Spin-Off of the startup.


Millions of connections through Smartphones in 2020
Global Mobile Connectivity in 2020

Our methodology

1. Analyze and discover

We carefully select the business, thoroughly analyzing market sizes, adoption rates, time traction, venture capital investments, downloads of similar Apps and traffic in other markets.

2. Filter

The results of this analysis are filtered using specific criteria that we believe will lead to companies that are non capital-intensive and their initial launch does not involve excessive complexity.

3. Invent

We then study potential demand, hold focus groups to explore unmet needs, and quantitative surveys to better gauge the willingness of potential customers to embrace solutions.

4. Develop

We then conceive, develop and launch MVPs to test the market and refine solutions as quickly as possible.

5. Deploy

Once we are sure that we are facing a real emerging business, we do online sales and marketing tests on various channels to gain a deep understanding of the tactics that work best and the real costs to scale the business.

6. Manage

Finally, we launch the company and look for additional capital to put the plan in place. At this stage a shareholder will be included through the "media for equity" formula to accelerate growth.